J&D in Aviation

We have been servicing the aviation international market for more than a decade. Our experience and ability for responsiveness has allowed us to interact with a broad customers’ portfolio and with selected suppliers, developing the necessary solutions to effectively manage flight operations worldwide.

We have gained the trust of suppliers, airlines, FBO, and commercial, corporate, diplomatic, freight and cargo aviation customers, by offering fuel supply, ground handling, ramp services, overflight and landing permits, catering, transportation, hotel reservation and other aviation services.

We are partners IATA and NBAA
and we are certificated by

Our most appreciated asset is Our Team

At J&D Oilfield International we are permanently trained and constantly growing with the aviation industry to meet our customers’ needs and overcome any challenges.

What are we?

We provide integral aviation services complying with the applicable regulatory framework to contribute with the company’s profitability through innovation, excellence of the human capital and generation of value for our clients in the international market.

What is in our future?

To be an international reference of innovation in integral aviation services, focused on the generation of value, excellence of our human capital and awarded by the recognition and fidelity of our clients.

Quality Service

Our intention is to exceed your expectations by ensuring the support of your journey through or alliances with the most important fuel suppliers and other services providers worldwide.
Our quality team strives to ensure that we deliver quality products and services for your safety and comfort through auditing processes that allow us to ensure that our providers meet the quality standards offered by J&D Oilfield International.